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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season Finale: Jax & Tom Sandoval Face Off Over The Future Of Their Friendship

In the eighth season finale, Lisa Vanderpump threw a party to celebrate TomTom’s one-year anniversary, but relationships were tested.

Where do we even start? Not a lot happened before TomTom’s one-year anniversary party, except for the fact that Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval agreed to invest in the restaurant’s expansion, so we’re just going to focus most of our attention on the latter half of the May 19 season finale of Vanderpump Rules. The action started when most of the cast met up at TomTom for a photo shoot, during which Ariana Madix confronted Jax Taylor and asked him to stop talking crap about her. He denied doing so, but archived footage, which showed him calling her a “b****” among many other things, proved otherwise. He also had a bunch of excuses, but Ariana wasn’t putting up with any of it. She basically said that this is no longer about someone making mistakes — this is not only his behavior and his personality, but this is who Jax will always be.

Jax later proved (again) just how much of a jerk he could be when he refused to wear SUR’s uniform for the cast photo, which was taken by The Hollywood Reporter. Even though he was the only person wearing a non-uniform shirt — and one that was blue, not black — he thought there was nothing wrong with it. Lisa Vanderpump had to ask him nearly five times to change before he finally complied. Afterwards, Lisa asked Jax why he’s been acting the way he has, and all he could say was that he’s had a pretty big year but he feels like he’s “handicapped”. He basically alluded to the fact that his behavior is a result of his dad’s death, but Lisa called BS on that, saying it’s not an excuse to treat his wife and his friends poorly. She said she’s dealt with all kinds of heartache throughout her life, and it hasn’t stopped her from treating her husband with respect.

Later, Jax tried selling the same excuse to Tom Sandoval, but Tom also saw right through it and said he refused to put up with that sort of behavior from a 40-year-old any longer. (Yes, Jax is 40 years old). So instead of offering to try to do better, Jax suggested that he and Tom “take a break” from their friendship, and Tom seemed okay with that. However, when Lisa Vanderpump overheard the conversation and privately asked Jax if that’s what he really wants, he went into a tangent about how he’s not worried. He said he and Tom Sandoval will grow old together and raise their kids side-by-side, but Lisa wasn’t so sure about that. Even so, Jax kept saying how “this is life”, and this is what happens sometimes (friendships fall apart). But Lisa told him to start respecting them, or things might not turn out the way he hopes they will. But Jax told Lisa, “This isn’t just a f***ing television show. These are my true friends. This is why my show is successful,” and that’s when she lost it.

“It’s not your show — it’s actually my show,” she said, and he sort of tried dismissing her comment by just saying, “Yeah, okay, I know,” but she didn’t feel that he was showing her the respect she deserved any longer, so she let him have it. “I put your ass on [this show], so don’t be f***ing disrespectful,” she yelled. “Stop making yourself feel more special than you are. We’re all human beings. We’re all going to lose people, we’re all going to fall in love, we’re all going to have great relationships, we’re all going to f*** up. Stop putting pressure on yourself. We’re all going to lose our parents, we’re all going to go through tragedy because that’s what life’s about.” She further told Jax to “pull it together, go see someone, talk to them and realize how lucky you are. End of f***ing story.”

Earlier in the night, Kristenconfronted Katie and Stassi for abandoning her and their friendship, but they weren’t too interested in chatting. They brought up the fact that Kristen had fully reunited with Carter, which they didn’t love, and they said that the fallout of their friendship — according to them — stemmed from Kristen’s self-centeredness. They told Kristen that she shut them out when she didn’t hear the advice from them that she wanted to hear. And they accused her of always needing everything to be about her. Kristen didn’t get to say much during their argument, but in the end, the result was clear — the witches of Weho were donezo.

In other finale news, Dayna called out Max’s womanizing ways (and he told her that he no longer wants anything to do with her), Danica nearly got into a physical altercation with Scheana‘s twin from the Vegas establishment, which led to LVP kicking Danica out of TomTom, and James apologized to Randall for all the mean things he’s ever said about him.

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