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Susan Rice

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Date of Birth:
November 17, 1964

Bio:Susan Rice (born November 17, 1964 in Washington, DC) is a US public official who served as the US National Security Advisor from 2013 to 2017 under President Barack Obama. During Bill Clinton‘s second term as president, Susan was on the staff of the National Security Council and was the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. After Obama’s reelection in 2012, Susan was mentioned as a possible replacement for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. However, following the Benghazi attacks and controversy that followed, Susan withdrew her name. It was revealed in April 2017 that, while under Barack Obama, Susan requested to unmask the names of Donald Trump transition officials and put them under surveillance.

Best Known For:Susan Rice is best known as the former National Security Advisor.

Personal Life:Susan is married to Canadian ABC News producer Ian Officer Cameron. They have two children, Jake and Maris. Susan attended Stanford University.

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