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‘Pitch Perfect 2’: Does Elizabeth Banks Finally Sing In The Sequel?

Get ready, pitches! In an EXCLUSIVE interview with, director and star Elizabeth Banks revealed whether or not we’ll hear her hilarious character Gail sing in ‘Pitch Perfect 2!’

Elizabeth Banks, 41, is one of the many stars who reprises her role in the highly anticipated sequel, Pitch Perfect 2. Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to on March 24, the funny woman shared if she sings in the film, what makes the Bellas so special to fans, and whether or not we can expect a third film. Exciting!

‘Pitch Perfect 2’: Elizabeth Banks Singing In Sequel?

As a commentator for the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, Gail Abernathy-McKaddenis one of the many hilarious characters in the world of Pitch Perfect. Even though she revealed in the first film that she sang with The Minstrel Cycles back in her old college days, we never did hear her sing — so is that going to change in the sequel?

“I don’t want to confirm or deny whether I sing in the movie, so you’ll have to wait until May 15th,” actress Elizabeth Banks shared EXCLUSIVELY with, could she be playing coy? Seems so!

When Icaught up with Elizabeth at the #ThankList event hosted by American Greetings and the Huffington Post in NYC, she went into detail about how important it was to have all of the original Bellas back for the second film.

“The Bellas became a group in the first film, and we really wanted that group to be represented again. And also, these are the characters that we care about that we want to tell more of their stories,” Elizabeth, who directed the sequel after executive producing the first film, explained.

Elizabeth: ‘PP2’s Bechloe, Fan Hype, & A Spin-Off

I also had to ask Elizabeth what she thinks about the obsessive nature of PP2’s fans, especially those who love shipping Beca and Chloe — aka Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow — as a lesbian couple.

“I love Bechloe!” Elizabeth said with a laugh. “I think one of the things people loved about the movie is that we embraced people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, sexual orientation, I mean you name it. And, by the way, we made jokes at everyone’s expense, too.”

But, would she ever consider picking one character out of the films and doing a spin-off?

“John and Gail,” she joked, and then, very seriously, explained that she would “never” do that. “I could never say. I would not choose any of my children!” Aw!

As for whether or not fans can expect a third film, Elizabeth declared that that is entirely up to them. “I want the audience to sort of lead us. I think that the fans, if the fans demand it, we will try to make it happen.”

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Are YOU excited to see Elizabeth and the Bellas back in Pitch Perfect 2?

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