One Direction Fans Freak As Liam Payne Teases Possible Reunion After Call With Harry Styles

Liam Payne went on Instagram Live and filled fans in about a recent call he had with Harry Styles. Now, One Direction fans think a band reunion is more possible than ever!

Even though the guys fromOne Direction went their separate ways after the band’s hiatus in 2015, they still keep in touch. In fact,Liam Payne andHarry Styles recently spoke on the phone, and Liam gave some details about the conversation during an Instagram Live session. “I did speak to Harry and it was really lovely,” Liam confirmed. “He called me because he has a sixth sense for if I’m struggling or one of us is in trouble, I feel like.”

Liam said that the phone call was a “really lovely catch up” and admitted that he has “a lot of love” for his former bandmate. While discussing life after 1D’s hiatus, Liam added, “It’s hard in this position sometimes. You’re watching people’s stories from afar that you used to know so well. That can be difficult when you feel like a piece of you is missing with them at that point, I guess. I think we’ve all felt this at different times.”

harry styles liam payne
Harry Styles and Liam Payne onstage togeher. (Shutterstock)

Luckily, if Liam has his way, it might not be TOO long before we see the band back together. “I’d love for us to get in a room at some point,” he admitted. “I think it would be the best thing. We’ve all said it outside, we’ve just not said it to each other. There’s a song in there somewhere. Somebody write that down!”

one direction
The guys of One Direction before their hiatus. (Shutterstock)

One Direction formed on the UK version ofThe X-Factorin 2010. At the time, the band had five members — Liam, Harry,Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan andZayn Malik. Zayn left the group in March 2015, leaving the other four guys to continue without him. They released one more album together, but announced their hiatus at the end of the year. Since then, they have not released any new music together. Instead, all five of the guys have embarked on solo projects, while Liam, Louis and Zayn also all became dads.

“Everyone’s so busy and you’ve got to be understanding of all of that,” Liam explained. So, still no definitive confirmation about a reunion, but the fans are definitely hopeful after this phone call between Liam and Harry!

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