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Mollee Gray On Her Lifetime Movie: ‘Double Daddy’ Is ‘Dark & Twisted’

Mollee Gray is one busy lady! Along withthe upcoming sequel to the Disney sensation, ‘Teen Beach Movie,’ the talented gal is also starring in her very first Lifetime movie, ‘Double Daddy’– and she dished to us EXCLUSIVELY about the intense ride that audiences are in for!

While we basicallylose our minds with anticipation for the June 26 premiere ofTeen Beach 2on Disney, wedon’t have to wait to get ourMollee Gray fix. The blonde beauty will make her Lifetime debut in the teen pregnancy drama,Double Daddy, on June 6 and we chatted with Mollee EXCLUSIVELY about the twisted tale. Mollee, 24, will play Amanda, a teen who gets pregnant– after she learns that her boyfriend has just impregnatedanother girl in school. Double the babies, double the baby mamadrama!

When you tune in to Double Daddy, be preparedfor a nonstop thrill ride– and no one is more excited about it than Mollee. “I was actually very happy to do something more dark and twisted,” Mollee revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY. “There’s atwisted side to Heather (Brittany Curran)and she is just this twisted character that will do anything to get her way and she’s had a very crazy past. There’s this suspense of, ‘is she gonna do [something] to Amanda?’”

Of course, starring in a film all about teen pregnancy, we had to ask Mollee her take on shows like16 and Pregnant andTeen Mom. “Ya know, I think theres a big positive and negative to it,” she said. “There are kids who are pregnant and they can look at that and they’re like, ‘wow that person’s like me. If they can do it, I can do it.’ But it also kinda creates a little leeway into, ‘oh, if I get pregnant maybe I can be on TV.’ There’s always the risk of people who are trying to just be on TV. If you’re helping somebody, I think it’s better.”

Speaking of helping people, while in NYC on June 4, Mollee stopped by Planet Hollywood in Times Square for a special meet and greet with fans. She posed for adorable pics, and even signed aTeen Beach 2 poster which is now part of the Planet Hollywood Memorabilia case. Check out some of the cute photos above! Okay, talent, looksandshe happens to be the sweetest ever?You’re making the rest of us look bad, Mollee!

Double Daddyairs on Lifetime on June 6 at 8 pm.Are you excited for to watch the new flick?

—Casey MinkFollow @Casey_Mink

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