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Lindsey Stirling Takes ‘Quite Different’ Approach To New Album ‘Artemis’ With Accompanying Comic Book

Lindsey Stirling’s new album ‘Artemis’ tells the story of a fictional character created by Lindsey herself! The artist talks to HL about conceptualizing the project!

Lindsey Stirling‘s albumArtemis and accompanying comic book of the same name was made from “blood, sweat, and tears,” she says. The album tells a concocted story of Artemis, the goddess of the moon, created by Lindsey with influences of Greek mythology, Harry Potter and anime. “There was something about Artemis and the imagery and symbolism of the moon that I could identify with,” the violinist said in an EXCLUSIVE interview with “When her story began to solidify in my mind, I knew I just had to bring her to life. And what better way than through music, video, artwork, and the written word?” Lindsey revealed that after the story began to form, the music came shortly after.

“I wrote most of my other albums over the course of months; sometimes taking up to a year or more. Writing the story of Artemis (the comic book) honestly took the most effort and emotional energy to write, rewrite, brainstorm, edit, and edit again. It’s quite a complicated story, and telling it in a way that others I was working with could understand proved more challenging than I anticipated,” she explained. “However, what I found was that once the story was solidified, the music for the album Artemis came fairly easily. I finished the music for Artemis in just a few months! It has been one of the most rewarding and intense writing experiences I’ve had to date.”

When it came to visuals, Lindsey took on the role of Artemis herself, but in the form of an anime character. “I immediately started searching for an artist who could conceptualize the images I was seeing in my mind,” she explained. “Not surprisingly, I found my artist in Japan, Wataboku. I chose him because his characters are very intense, but also very pretty/attractive, and I loved the aesthetic quality of his work.”

As she prepares to embark on her Warmer in the Winter Christmas Tour 2019, in support of her holiday albums Warmer in the Winter and Warmer in the Winter: Deluxe Edition,Lindsey will also continue to explore the story of Artemis she’s created with her concept album. “Of all of my albums, this was the most fun for me to write. It is my hope that that joy is projected and felt by those who listen to Artemis,” she said.

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