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Julia Roberts' Celeb Trainer Tells YOU How She Got The Star In Shape For 'Mirror Mirror'

It’s Julia’s job in ‘Mirror Mirror’ to play literally the most gorgeous person in the world — that’s a lot of pressure! Luckily Julia is beautiful and has a wonderful team around her to keep her at the top of her game.

Kathy Kaehler, celebrity personal trainer and author and creator of Sunday Set-Up, has been working with Julia Roberts for the past 20 years! She shares with you how she got Julia ready for the role of the evil queen in Mirror Mirror and what YOU can do at home to stay fit and healthy on the go.

Kathy has worked with celebs like Meg Ryan, Drew Barrymore, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kim Basinger and more, so she is definitely a trusted name in Hollywood for all things fitness and nutrition. Here are her top tips for stay slim, even when you don’t think you have the time to fit in a workout or to eat healthfully.

Can you give us an example of one day of training with Julia?“She loves step aerobics and basically because she has such an active lifestyle and is a hands on mom and loves her friends and getting together with her friends. What our workout schedule turned into is that she invited her friends to come too. We’d have a big step class in her house with friends — sometimes three sometimes five. I lead, they follow. It allows they them to catch up and it nurtures the soul and trains the body. We do that about three times a week and she has another gal that she goes to for intensive body work. So she is really active.”

What about nutrition? Did you advise Julia at all on what to eat/what to avoid?“I’ve shared with her a program that I do which is called Reset and it’s from Usana and it’s a five day cleanse and you’re taking a meal replacement shake that is low glycemic and full of fiber, so you feel full.

I also had a chance to do Sunday Set-Up at her house. It’s a healthy living routine where you set up food and things you like to snack on at the top of the week. If you like to have carrots or brown rice or black beans, boiled eggs, all of those things are already prepped. It’s really about being organized and having it done ahead of time. We like to eat healthy, we like to make those right choices, but when the hunger hits…it’s easier to grab something on the go, it’s easy to just grab something when you’re starving. That’s sort of the direction I’ve given and recommend. She does all her dinners she cooks for her kids and makes her kids lunches.”

How do you motivate client to stay active and get their workouts in?“Thinking about your workouts as ‘I have to have that hour, I have to get to the gym,’ that creates the feeling of being overwhelmed, so the idea is to lose that 60 minute focus and realize that you can do something cumulative. Do a set of pushups and hold a plank for a minute, then repeat that though the day if you have two minutes. Think of being more active instead of that one workout that I have to get in.”

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