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Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato Rekindle Their Relationship, But Were They REALLY Happy? Body Experts Say NO!

Everyone in Hollywood knows Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato didn’t have the easiest break-up! Now more than a year since going their separate ways, body language experts tell how they really feel about each other!

Running into your ex isn’t always a good experience. For 22-year-old Joe Jonas and 19-year-old Demi Lovato, their break-up was tough and made it virtually impossible for them to be in the same room. However, at the Aug. 28 MTV Video Music Awards, the pair was caught on camera catching up. While it may look like the two could be on the road to reconciliation, experts say their posed pictures tell a totally different story!

Body language expert Vincent Harris tells, “When someone is feeling happy; experiencing real feelings of joy inside, their smile will manifest automatically, and the muscles around the eyes will contract, causing the “crow’s feet” wrinkles at the corners of the eyes,” he says. “We don’t see that, in this photo; all of the action is from the upper lip down. Demi and Joe appear to just be posing because they have to for a photo opp. They seem quite uncomfortable and awkward with each other.”

Demi’s stint in rehab and emotionally troubled past could also be a reason for their less than stellar body language. Expert Sanjay Burman says, “Joe and Demi look like they are put off by one another..maybe he can be a little repulsed since he is very religious and she has not only been in rehab, but cuts herself and possibly suicidal at some point. Their faces look like they have been injected with a lot of botox. No expression, forced smiles and lack of sincerity.”

Ouch! not such great results, and according to Dr. Lillian Glass, Joe and Demi won’t be spending much time together in the near future!

“Because Joe and Demi are looking in different directions, this indicates that there is something wrong between them,” she tells “This is not a good sign. But the rest pictures they look happy together, but more so a forced happy. There is some tension between them. They are both going their separate ways emotionally.”

What do you think of Joe and Demi’s body language? Do you agree with our experts? Sound off in the comments below!

Aimee Curran with reporting by Sandra Clark

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