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If You Have Thin Hair, Here's How To Pump Up The Volume With A Cut & Color reader, Leilah Fuller, was frustrated with her thin medium brown hair and wanted to get a look with more volume. If you have that same problem, here’s what you can do!

Even if you have thin, fine hair, the right cut and color can do wonders to add volume and texture.

Stylist and coloristIvan Torresof Angelo David Salon came to the rescue to boost the volume ofLeilah‘s thin hair. Hewanted to give Leilah, who’s a student, a cut that was quick and easy to fit her lifestyle and help her get ready quickly on school day mornings.

Leilah didn’t want to lose too much of her length, so Ivan created an illusion of fullness by creating strategic soft layers.

  • To get the look ask your stylist to cut your hair at an angle and in different directions to create more movement.

To finish the look, Ivan started with the Angelo David Long Detangler followed by the Angelo David Premier Volume Spray before blow-drying to further boost volume.

  • At your own salon, your stylist can use any detangling spray with protein to smooth the hair.
  • Finish with a medium hold hair spray.

To style your hair with this look:

  • On work or school days, you can use a blow-dryer to shake the water out of your hair after you shower. Then, using a hair brush, blow-dry the front and sides of your hair to create a more smoothed out look.
  • On the weekend, you can blow-dry your hair using a round brush to create body. To create even more body, you can use velcro rollers while you put on your make-up. Then run your fingers through your hair after taking out the rollers, and finish with hairspray.

To achieve Leilah’s color, Ivan used Redken’s new 2x Fortifying Chromatics 4d non ammonia hair color. Her original color was a natural dark brown with faded mid-shaft and ends from previous medium warm blond highlights. Since her hair was more on the thin side, the “less is more” approach is a better option during the coloring process, meaning there’s no need to wrap your hair up in foil just to get some color.

To add the look of volume he:

  • Used a medium ash base color in her roots to pull out and control warm undertones in her hair.
  • To create more dimension and movement in your look, use a softer blond color in a free hand process called a balayage technique. Where this softer color goes on your hair is at the discretion of you and your colorist. Only you two will know best how the color suits your look and how it plays with your skin, the sunlight, etc.
  • Balayage technique: The colorist paints individual pieces without the use of foil, and this saves the texture of the hair.
  • And to create maximum volume, follow up with Redken’s Shades EQ gloss.

Ivan recommends seeing your stylist for a consultation before coloring your hair. Color formulates differently on different types of hair, and that can’t be communicated simply over the phone.

To finish the look, makeup artist and eyebrow expertJulie Tussey cleaned up Leilah’s eyebrows. Leilah had been previously plucking her own eyebrows and was removing the ends/tails of the brow. This caused the brow to become heaviest by the front of the nose.

  • Julie trimmed the part of the brows closest to the nose to create more of a tail at the ends. If your eyebrows are too thick by your nose, your eyes will appear too close.
  • Not to worry if you don’t have Christmass tree brows that are short and curved. Julie recommends growing out your eye brow ends to the side of the face. A long, angled brow will line up with the cheek bone and with the jaw line, creating a shape-slimming, hourglass look for your face.
  • So don’t pluck the ends of your eyebrows too much. Growing out the tails will create a flattering feathered look like a bird’s wing.

And if you want to add even more oomph to your hair, hair extensions can be an option. Angelo David Salon offers Couture Hair Extensions and Additions that are 100 percent human tresses.Now you Hollywoodlifers can pump up the volume on your thin hair!

Emily Morgan

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