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HollywoodLife Podcast: Shanola Hampton On ‘Shameless’ Sex Scenes & ‘The Duff’s Robbie Amell

You just have to listen to our new podcast. Not only does ‘Shameless’ star Shanola Hampton reveal all about her wild, crazy sex scenes, but ‘The Duff’ star Robbie Amell gives us his own high school confessions and wedding details. Here’s more.

There are very few shows in the history of TV that push the sex boundaries as much as Showtime’s Shameless, and very few actresses that have had to be as courageous sexually onscreen as Shanola Hampton. The 37-year-old star of the hit show plays Veronica, one half of a passionately in love couple, who are adventurous in bed, to say the least.

Shanola Hampton Talks Sex Scenes On New HollywoodLife Podcast

So how has Shanola, who is relaxed and friendly and very happy to talk about her alter ego, Veronica, coped with her challenging role?

She loves her character, Veronica, and she loves her character’s mate, Kevin. But she reveals that she’s very different from the sexually uninhibited “V”.

“My husband and I are not as adventurous as Kev and Veronica, believe me,” she confesses. WhenShanolafound out that her character’s husband, Kevin, would have sex with her TV mom so that shecould become the couple’s surrogate after Veronica’s attempts to become pregnant failed, “I threw up in my mouth a little bit,” she says.

“I’m not Veronica, I promise,” she tells in our podcast. But she doesn’t judge Veronica and Kevin. “Not everyone has the money to have a surrogate to do these treatments.”

As for how her own real life husband, Daren Dukes, the father of her daughter Cai, 1, feels about about her nude sex scenes? “That’s not his favorite part of my job. He doesn’t like the touching part of those scenes…he has walked out of the room when the show is on TV and been like, ‘this is too much.’ He was really not feeling it when we were doing the threesome thing.”

Yes, Shanola, we can understand that.

To hear Shanola talk more Shameless sex, pregnancy and relationship secrets, click below to listen to our HollywoodLife podcast. She even talks more about the Veronica/Kevin cliffhanger– are they over or not?

‘The Duff’ Star Robbie Amell Reveals His DUFF Moment

Now, in other relationship news, The Duff star Robbie Amell, 26, can’t stop complimenting both his onscreen co-star, Mae Whitman, 26, and his real life fiancee, Italia Ricci, 28, the star of the hit ABCFamily show Chasing Life.

“Mae and I, our characters are supposed to have this history, so we tried to make that feel real, and we spent the movie trying to make each other laugh and I think the chemistry shows on screen.”

While he himself was never bullied in high school, he insists that he did have a DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) moment. “Everyone can be the DUFF,” as Mae Whitman’s character Bianca is in the must-see film, Robbie tells us. (We loved it at HollywoodLife!)

“I think ‘the DUFF’ is a feeling that everybody gets once in a while. I had bad skin in high school, that was my DUFF moment.”

Amell plays handsome jock Wesley in the movie and datesthe high school beauty/mean queen, Madison (Bella Thorne). But Wesley turns out to be more than a pretty face and flexing pecs.

New HollywoodLife Podcast: Robbie Amell On His Fiance, Italia Ricci

In real life, the Toronto native was an athlete too, almost aiming for a professional hockey career before falling into acting and then meeting and falling in love with his fiancee and fellow Canadian, Italia, on the set of American Pie Presents: Beta House.

“Our first kiss was actually captured on film,” Robbie reveals. Aww! It must have been a great first kiss, right?Well…

“There’s so many people just standing around watching, crew members, other actors, it’s the least romantic and just very weird. So it’s not how a normal kiss would happen. You’re not concentrating on the kiss. You’re wondering, does this look like a good kiss?”

So would Amell, who also stars in the CW’s hit show The Flash, or Ricci, take on roles that involve a lot of nudity or sex scenes–like Shameless, perhaps?

“I can’t even imagine. I’m already flustered about it!”

As for the idea that the two actors can’t make it in a long term relationship in Hollywood, Amell isn’t the least bit worried. “I’m marrying my best friend…we do everything together. We have so much fun, and now we’ve got the rest of our lives to do that.”

Click To Listen To The New HollywoodLife Podcast

Now to hear more about their wedding plans, Robbie’s favorite teen films and more, click on our podcast button. Plus, HollywoodLife Senior Entertainment ReporterChloe Melas, gives you the inside scoop on Selena Gomez and Zedd‘s blossoming romance, Chris Brown‘s confessions on two-timing Rihanna and Karrueche Tran, and the latest on The Bachelor‘s Chris Soules‘ weird “fantasy suite” nights with his final three bachelorettes.

Click on our podcast button to hear all of our juicy interviews and news!

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— Bonnie Fuller

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