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‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Review: Movie-Goers Share Their Shocking Reactions

The highly-anticipated ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ film hit theaters on Feb. 12, and we were one of the first in line to catch the sex-filled flick! While we think the movie is totally worth your while, fellow movie-goers had mixed reactions. See what they said!

Fifty Shades Of Greywas everything that you might imagine it to be: a little twisted and verysteamy. While the audience screamed and clapped in applause uponseeing the movie’stitle flash across the screen, not everyone had the same enthusiasm duringthe closing credits.

‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Review: Audience Reacts To Steamy On-Screen Sex

Whether or not you read the book, we feelthat the firstFifty Shades Of Greymovie is totally worth your while.It’s both sexy and funny.

Though the film is not a comedy, therewas plenty of laughter to go around. For example, the audience couldn’t help but chuckle when Anastasia Steel showed off hernoticeably hairy legs while losing her virginity to Christian. Maybe Christian digs that sort of thing?

However, when things really started to steam up, there werenothing but “oohhs,” “aahhs,” and a couple of “hot damns!” Yes, prepare yourself for lots and LOTS of nudity.

‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ — Fans React

We caught up with fans after the movie, and though one girl proudly stated that she thought it was “terrible” and there should have been someone other than Dakotah Johnson playing the role of Anastasia, sheand her boyfriend thought that it was much better than thepoor reviews that areout there.

Fans that read the book multiple times felt that it actually did the book justice.A group of young women, who all read the book, thought it was “really good” and are “pissed off that we have to wait like a year to see the next one!”

One surprising male feminist, who did not read the book, was extremely upset that Christian Grey wouldn’t change his dominating ways for the sake of his relationship with Anastasia.

A common theme amongcritics was that they were disappointed the dominating love scenesand the chemistry between the couple weren’tmore intense. But one self-proclaimed “Fifty Shades expert” said, “I thought it was going to be more intense, but I think it was very tastefully done. I feel like a lot of people felt like it would be more pornographic, but I like how they produced it.”

There are two things that all the haters and fans have in common: everyone agreesthat the soundtrackisawesome! From Beyonce to The Weeknd, you’re sure to catch yourself bobbing your head to the sexy tunes. Secondly, the ending is infuriating! The entire audience literally screamed at the cliffhanger ending, but hey, they had to leave us wanting more, right?!

Final thoughts: the movie issteamy, yet tasteful, slightly uncomfortable, yet very engaging, and just plain cute. Is it the movie of the year? That’s debatable. But sure, it’s worth your money. Go check it out to form yourown opinion and let us know what you think right here!

—Kindra Bailey

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