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Esteban Santiago

Esteban Santiago Bio

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Date of Birth:
January 1, 1900

Bio:Esteban Santiago (born in New Jersey) is the American shooter responsible for killing 8 people inside the Fort Lauderdale Airport on January 6, 2017. He is also a former U.S. Army Reservist, according to ABC. Esteban boarded a flight in Anchorage, Alaska where he lawfully checked-in his handgun that was later used to shoot innocent travelers standing at baggage claim. Eyewitnesses say Esteban, who was 26 at the time, was dressed in a Star Wars shirt.

Best Known For:Esteban is best known for being identified as the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooter.

Personal Life:Esteban was born in New Jersey and comes from a Puerto Rican heritage. It was reported that he served in Iraq for a short time, but returned to the US mentally unstable. Sources tell CBS that Esteban claimed he was “being forced to fight for ISIS.”

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