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Eminem: Fans Freak Out Over His Gay Confession In ‘The Interview’

Eminem poked fun at himself in a hilarious cameo in‘The Interview’, where he admits to being gay. Though the confession is fake, fans are freaking out over what he saysmuch like James Franco and Seth Rogen in the movie!

What a way to open a movie —Eminem, 42, is a guest staron James Franco‘s character’s talk show inThe Interview, and casually admits to being gay. The rapper has been under a lot of attacks for using vulgar lyrics towards gay people, so it comes as a shock when he admits that he himself is homosexual. Of course, he was reading off of a script, but people are freaking out aboutthe confession — see what they’re saying!

Eminem In ‘The Interview:’ Fans React To Gay Confession

Some fans think that Eminem’s cameo was one of the most hilarious parts of the movie.

Other fans seem to be confused on whether or not it was a genuine confession.

Eminem Admits To Being A Gay Man In ‘The Interview’

TheInterviewopens up with James interviewing Eminem one on one, and it takes a toll after Eminem openly admits he’s gay. James, thinking he’s heard wrong, asks him what he means and Eminem says, “I’m a homosexual.”

Eminem’s Cameo In ‘The Interview’ — How The Funny Gay Scene Came Together

Then, Eminem shockinglysays: “Or, you know, when I say things about gay people and people think that my lyrics are homophobic, you know, it’s because I’m gay.”

Seth Rogen, who acts as a showrunner in the film, starts freaking out and shouts,“This is the greatest moment in gay history!” In case you missed the hilarious clip, you can WATCH it here!

What do YOU think,HollywoodLifers? Is Eminem’s cameo in The Interviewhilarious or offensive? Sound off below!

—Julianne Ishler

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