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'Breaking Dawn' Hair Colorist Explains Kristen Stewart's Shade & Gives You Tips

Uber-talented celebrity hair colorist Jennifer J. gives you the inside scoop on coloring the strands of Kristen, R-Patz and more on the set of ‘Breaking Dawn’ and gives you tips for getting their looks!

Find out what the process was like to get Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson their most perfect hair colors yet and why the key on a film set is always consistency. Then learn Jennifer J.‘s hair color secretweapon. Hint: You can get it at a drugstore!

How would you describe Kristen’s color in Breaking Dawn?

She has auburn brown type of hair. A reddish-brown — so it’s like a chocolatey brown with rich red undertones. How hair colors change, I think that people are really looking to have more warmth in their hair. And I think that it’s [red undertones] much more flattering for every skin tone.

Did Kristen have any input into her color?

“She just wanted to stay really close to Bella… but she was also very open to suggestions.”

How long did it take you to get Rob’s color just right?

“Originally, he was going to try and get away with not coloring his hair. I believe in the first film, that is his natural hair color. He just felt like if I don’t have to do it, let’s not. In general, men’s hair color is very natural looking, so even when you color men’s hair, you want it looking really natural — like a man. [For Breaking Dawn,] it had to be richer tones, more along the lines of Bella so they looked right together.”

Which character’s color was your favorite to create? Why?

“I loved doing Bella the most because it was really exciting for me — I’d watch all the films and see people’s hair colors change from scene to scene and film to film. As a hair colorist, I’m obsessive about color, and I finally got my hands on it!”

Can you share any hair coloring secrets?

“The basis for everything I do in color is layering, so everybody I did, I was layering color. I also like to seal everything with a gloss. I feel like people at home, if they want to get something they saw in film, go to your hairdresser and get them to give you the shiniest gloss they can give you or go out and buy a gloss that would work with your hair color. It could totally be a clear gloss. If you’ve never colored your hair or if you are 14 and you’re not ready or your mom won’t let you, you can still do a clear gloss.”

According to Jennifer, a gloss can even makes your hair easier to style and can tame frizziness. What a great tip!

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