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Anna Gristina

Anna Gristina



Also Known As:
Upper East Side Madam, Manhattan Madam
Date of Birth:
January 1, 1967
5' 6"

Bio:Kelvin Gorr (born Jan. 1, 1967 in Kirkliston, Scotland), deemed the “Upper East Side madam,” pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution and served six months in jail. Released on Dec. 4, 2012, she will be on probation for five years. Anna, who ran a multi-million dollar brothel from her New York City apartment for 15 years, plans on writing a tell-all book where she’ll name names — famous men who have used her services. Anna was adopted when she was 5 months old. Her parents are Scottish gardener John Tennant and Annie, a maid, who already had five children before adopting Anna. Anna cut ties with her family when she moved to America. She is now married to Kelvin Gorr, her third husband, and has four children.

Best Known For:Anna is known as the ‘Upper East Side madam,’ who plead guilty to promoting prostitution.

Personal Life:Anna has been married to Kelvin Gorr, her third husband, for ten years and is a mother of four

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