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’50 Shades’: Dakota Johnson Confesses She Had Butt Double For Whipping Scene

We see pretty much all of Dakota’s skin during ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, but one part we see actually wasn’t hers! Dakota confessed in a new interview that she used a butt double during one of the film’s kinkiest scenes, which she purposely opted out of.

You would think that by signing up asFifty Shades of Grey‘sleading lady,Dakota Johnson, 25, would be up for just about anything, and showing everything! However, that wasn’t exactly the case for Dakota during the scene withJamie Dornanwhen she gets spanked, so she used a butt double instead — here’s why.

‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Whipping Scene: Dakota Johnson Had A Butt Double

She may be starring in a film heavily featuring BDSM, but Dakota herself is a huge baby when it comes to pain, which is why she opted out of partaking in the classic S&M punishment scene where Christian whips Anastasia’s butt with a belt.

“There was a close up of a bum getting hit with a belt. That was not my bum, because I didn’t want to get hit with a belt,” Dakota revealed to theDaily Star.

This comes as a surprise to us since she signed up for the kinky role of Ana to begin with, but wethink it’s pretty cool she admitted to using a butt double in the erotic scene.Plus, it’s not like we’re missing out on seeing some serious skin from her during the flick — both on screen and off screen!

Dakota Johnson Reveals Favorite Sex Scene

There were a lot to pick from, but Dakota revealed that her favorite sex scene in the film is the one where Ana loses her virginity to Christian.

‘The virginity scene I think is something that is so beautiful,” Dakota said to Access Hollywood. “And the way that[cinematographer] Seamus [McGarvey] and [director] Sam [Taylor-Johnson] shot that scene – it’s really incredible.”

“And the colors!” she adds. “It’s so saturated and then, just watching a really profound moment in a young girl’s life. I think that was pretty special to do.”

What do YOU think,HollywoodLifers? Are you surprised Dakota used a butt double for the spanking scene? Let us know your thoughts below!

—Julianne Ishler

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