Ransomware- the real threat to your data security

Ransomware is the new scare on the block harassing the internet users by encrypting their files and asking money to unlock them. Ransomware has become so prevalent that not only novice users but around 64 percent IT companies had faced Ransomware threat at some point of time in their work routine.
Forget about kidnapping threats in third world countries and the related safety concerns in going into the unexplored lands, as even your own personal computer or laptop infected with any known or unknown Ransomware can nowtake your entire system as hostage and demand ransom for all the important files and data stored in it. In this data crazy world paranoid about the safety and confidentiality of information Ransomware has come as a nightmare for everyone ranging from common users, IT firms, banks and security providers alike.

Ransomware can enter your system through many deceptive ways like fake downloads, spam mails, adware, etc. and irrespective of the medium of its download it is going to cause the same amount of damage and lock your system and files and ask for ransom to open it and there is no security that even after paying the money into unknown accounts your system may get operational again and you gain access to the locked files.

There are two basic types of Ransomware the locker Ransomware and the Crypto Ransomware, both having multiple variables floating over the net and both are very dangerous for your files. According to Norton’s latest survey out of the total wrath of Ransomeware all over the world UK takes the third highest beating with almost 11% Ransomware attacks specifically targeted towards the people of UK alone. If you are not in the habit of taking regular backup of your data then you are very susceptible of falling prey to any of the Ransomware and either end up paying high amount of in pursuit of the data or end up losing it forever.

Having a good and functioning antivirus security software is the only most viable solution to protect your system and data from Ransomware and Symantec’s Norton Security works excellently in defending your system from all kinds of infections and ransomware attacks, along with providing safety from viruses, worms, bugs, adware, malware, spyware, rootkits, keyloggers, botnets and other problems. You must always ensure that your Norton Security always remains updated and functional and if you notice any problem in its functionality then immediately seek help from Norton Support Number UK for proper guidance and support.

However, if your system is already under a ransomware attack then things get a bit tricky as a ransomware is designed to prevent complete or partial access of the users to the system extract money fast. In such a case you can seek the help of technical experts at Norton Help Number UK who will not only help you in resolving the issue completely but also try to save you from getting into situations in which you have to pay online ransom.

The web of the internet is increasing by every passing seconds and so it the access of the cybercriminals and hackers who are ready to employ any tactic to extract as much money from the innocent users as they can and only being aware, alert and prepared can prevent such contingencies from arising hence all the users must use good antivirus product like Norton Security for enhanced protection and keep it fully functional and working to save themselves from such uneasy situations.

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