Microsoft Sql server versions

Sql server is that the production of Microsoft Corporation. There area unit such a large amount of totally different sql server versions area unit on the market and most of the time after we ought to work on info this question always arise ahead people that that sql server version we’d like to install?

So, to answer this question nowadays we tend to do to try to to terribly comprehensive analysis of all known sql server versions.

SQL Server 2005

In October 2005 Sql Server 2005 was free that was terribly 1st version among all sql server

versions. during this version for the management of xml knowledge native support was provided, in addition to relative knowledge, For xml knowledge management and xml knowledge sort was outlined that

could be used as literal in queries of sql or might use as knowledge sort in info columns.

For the installation of Sql Server 2005 system needs area unit given below

Required Processor type: Pentium III compatible or higher

Required Processor speed: Minimum: 600 megahertz (Recommended: one gigacycle or higher)

Memory (RAM):

Minimum: 512 MB (Whereas suggested is one GB or more)

Maximum: OS most
SQL Server 2008

In August 6, 2008 sql server 2008 was unleash by the Microsoft. This version was the one in every of the

most known version among all sql server versions. Main purpose of development of this tool

was to create knowledge management self-tuning, automatic organizing and self-handling & controlling at a similar time focus was additionally to scale back the period.

SQL Server 2008 is additionally supporting structural still as semi-structural knowledge, additionally to the digital media formats for video, audio, footage and totally different alternative multimedia system knowledge.

For the installation of Sql Server 2008 system needs area unit given below

Processor type: Itanium processor or quicker

Processor speed: Recommended: one.0 gigacycle or quicker

RAM: Minimum: 512 MB, Maximum: OS most

Whereas suggested is: two.048 GB or a lot of

SQL Server 2008 R2

SQL Server 2008 R2 was free on April twenty one, 2010. that was the upgraded version of sql server

2008. however with few further options in it to Illustrate, master knowledge management system branded,

also a centralized organization of master knowledge objects.

Also Management of the Multi Server, for the management of multiple SQL Server 2008 instances a

centralized console and services as well as relative Analyzing Service, Integration and fixing Services,Reporting & databases Services.

Unlikely alternative sql server versions, there have been few services pack free time to time by the Microsoft,

details of those area unit given below.

1. Service pack (10.50.2500, Service Pack 1) SQL Server 2008 R2 was free on July eleven, 2011.

2. Service pack (10.50.4000, Service Pack 2) SQL Server 2008 R2 was free on July twenty six, 2012.

3. Service pack (10.50.6000, Service Pack 3) SQL Server 2008 R2 was free on Gregorian calendar month twenty six,


SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012 was free to on March vi, 2012. at that time Service Pack one of SQL Server 2012 was

released on November nine, 2012. additionally on June ten, two014 Service Pack 2 was free.

In SQL Server 2012 the options and enhancements have SQL Server Failover Cluster Instances additionally

availability of teams which supplies U.S. a fashionable set of choices to enhance and guarantee info handiness.

System needs of Sql server 2012 area unit given below similar to alternative sql server versions.

Memory: Minimum required is 512 MB, however suggested is 1GB

Processor Speed Minimum Needed: x86 Processor: one.0 gigacycle and for x64 Processor: one.4 GHz

Anyhow Recommended: two.0 gigacycle or quicker

SQL Server 2014

On March eighteen, 2014, SQL Server 2014 was free. till the November 2013 there have been 2 CTP

revisions, CTP1 still as CTP2.

In the series of sql server versions SQL Server 2014 is up to now latest version. SQL Server 2014 go together with in-

memory ability for tables that would presumably match entirely in to the memory that is additionally renowned as


SQL Server 2014 offers U.S. new hybrid disaster backup and recovery solutions with Microsoft Azure,

enabling user to use preceding skills with the on-premises versions of SQL Server to require fringe of

Microsoft’s world datacenters. still because it takes advantage of recent Windows Server 2012 additionally Windows

Server 2012 R2 talents for info application quantifiability in an exceedingly physical or virtual atmosphere.

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