Confident in Your IT Data Protection Solutions?

Is your company prepared for IT equipment failure, the ensuing aftermath and journey back to normality? What if a loss of data also occurs, are you confident in a timely restoration and recovery rate? Both aspects are crucial to the success of your solution, the overall impact on the business and underpin the timeframe it takes to get back to standard operations. Technology plays a pivotal role in the running of today’s companies, neglecting to put in place robust IT data protection solutions is a risky, and downright dangerous, policy.

A swift and effective backup system that can be relied upon to recall data is key. Time is of the essence when an outage occurs, systems need to be brought back online rapidly and intact to the greatest extent possible. Delays and incomplete or out of date information impede staff and will have a significant impact on the profitability of the business, as well as customer relationships if orders are unable to be fulfilled.

Whilst the pressure to deliver adequate IT data protection solutions increases, many departments are faced with ever leaner budgets and reduction in headcount. As the data produced by business burgeons, the great challenge is how to safely and reliability store it, at an affordable price. Add in complex statutory requirements regarding the use of customer information and decreasing backup windows due to staff working all hours and the result is a complex landscape of competing demands and financial pressures.

Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of managed IT services companies, whose expertise lies in the analysis, design and rolling out of disaster recovery solutions. The consultants at Intellect IT make sure that your systems keep pace with requirements and that nasty surprises are planned for. They work with your business to understand current infrastructure, evaluating its ability and effectiveness to handle the load today and in the future. Recommendations are tailored to fit your needs and financial commitments and may draw on the latest Cloud computing or more traditional on-site storage, or a combination of both.

It’s important to receive expert advice to ensure that the data recovery solution matches your risk level, maximises sunk infrastructure costs and provides measureable benefits in proportion to its cost. Intellect IT can also insure the ongoing safe and reliable operation of data storage and recovery systems by monitoring, maintaining and managing the solution, leaving you time to concentrate on core business activities.

Bandwidth constrictions can impede the consistency of backups, whilst staff or budget limitations challenge the level of solution complexity that can be deployed. Ensuring rapid recovery at all levels across all systems presents a significant task, which requires specialist skills to design and assess. Improvements in where, how and what data your business stores, along with automating and simplifying IT tasks where possible will result in overall gains across the organisation. Both physical and virtual data recovery options can be combined to ensure a best of breed solution for your organisation, both now and in to the future.

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Intellect IT partner with a variety of industry leading vendors to deliver powerful IT data protection solutions that work for your organisation. Deploy customised backup and storage technology that performs, freeing you from worry and letting you get back to business.


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